Organization of Renville County

Governor John Burke formally organized the County on July 20, 1910, with the appointment of three commissioners, RD Johnson of Tolley, DM Gillespie of Glenburn, and BM Harvey of Sherwood.

They met at the Woodman Hall in Mohall at 5 pm on July 22 and the oath was administered to them by Thomas F Clifford, a notary public.

Johnson was manager of the Farmers Elevator at Tolley, Gillespie owned and operated a drugstore while Harvey farmed east of Sherwood.

Mohall was designated the temporary county seat.

Commented the Mohall News:

"Without Mohall’s splendid fighting two years ago there would have been no Renville County. While Mohall cannot claim that her votes did everything, yet her financial support and enthusiasm were in a large degree responsible for the present county being set aside and organized. It is true that many were loyal in the fight, who lived pretty close to the border, and these deserve no small praise to the part they played. The organization of Renville County will mean "Home Rule" and while there may be many slips between the cup and the lip, yet it is believed that the people will like this better than being part of a great "empire county" where officers traveled about 45,000 miles in the performance of their duties, or a distance nearly equal to twice the circumference of the earth at the equator. The expense of running a new county will, of course, amount to a neat little sum per year but it will be small in proportion to what the taxpayers have paid for for years toward maintenance of Imperial Ward at Minot. So here is the "Hail to Renville County, long may she live and prosper."