First District Health Unit

Programs and Services:
First District Health Unit provides public health services to seven counties in North Central North Dakota and offers services that include:

The Renville County office also has containers for water testing and food safety tests.

Services offered through the Minot office (852-1376) include STI (sexually transmitted infections) and AIDS/HIV testing, syringe service program, family planning, child car seats, restaurant licensing and inspection, water testing and sewer permits.

Mission Statement:
The mission of public health is to make a positive impact on the health and welfare of the community through service, education, prevention and collaborative activities.

Tami Aberle, RN, BSN

Mailing Address:                            Physical Address:
PO Box 68                                         205 Main St. E
Mohall, ND 58761                            Mohall, ND 58761

Phone Number:      (701) 756-6383
Fax Number:            (701) 756-6837
WIC Number:           (701) 385-4328