Public Health Department

The community (public) health nursing serves all community residents in their usual environment of home, school and work. Concerns of the community health nurse include well people, the sick and disabled, preventing disease or retarding its progress, reducing ill effect of unavoidable disease, providing skilled nursing care for non hospitalized sick and handicapped, supporting those facing crisis situations, providing information and encouragement to individuals, families, special groups and the community as a whole for the development and practice of habits conducive to health.
Service Provided:
  • Assessment (nursing)
  • Case management
  • Child health nursing conferences
  • Community awareness
  • Follow-up/follow along
  • Health counseling
  • Health education
  • Health services
  • Home nursing -  (Home health nursing visits are very limited)
  • Identification
  • Immunization clinics
  • Prenatal/perinatal care resource
  • Preventative services
  • Referral
  • Resource material
  • Screening
  • Staff training
  • The community health nurse provides a key role in delivering services of many local health programs such as Women, Infant and Children (WIC), immunization clinics, child health nursing conferences, Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT), and school screenings. Specific services may vary among communities.