County Recorder

Danielle Petersen
Terri Reidman, Deputy
PO Box 68
Mohall, ND  58761

The Register of Deeds office is one of the county offices formally organized by the Constitutional Convention of 1889, and in some counties existed as part of the Territorial Offices. The Register of Deeds has now been changed to County Recorder. County Recorder officers are elected to four-year terms which begin January 1. In a few counties the position is appointed, but election remains the predominant method for citizens to select a County Recorder. The Recorder acts as the custodian of land records in the County and is responsible for recording real estate documents. Those documents include deeds, patents, plats, mortgages, affidavits, assignments, oil and gas leases and various others.

Recording Information

Fees & Requirements

General Requirements

Deeds - Additional Requirements
The following is required for all deeds:

Mortgates - Additional Requirements
The following is required for mortgages:

Marriage License

The following is required by law:      

Certified Copies of Marriage Certificates
You may obtain a certified copy of your marriage certificate from the office that issued the marriage license after the ceremony has been performed and the original has been filed. We ask that you mail us a request with your names and date of marriage, all fees must be paid in advance. Certified copies are $5 each.

Marriage Ceremonies

Weddings are set by appointment only. Renville County Recorder Danielle Petersen may perform wedding ceremonies. For information, pricing or to set an appointment, call 701-756-6398.

Passport Applications

Passport forms can be obtained from the County Recorder's Office or the passport website. If you are printing the form from the website, forms must be two single pages. Do not sign the application, it must be signed in person when you are in the office to apply. Normal processing time is four to six weeks.
Application Requirements
1. Proof of Citizenship

2. Proof of Identity

3. Recent Color Passport Photo
4. Fees

Type of Passport, Age of Applicant Total Fees

Book - 16 and older
$110 to U.S Department of State
$35 to Renville County Recorder

Book - Under 16
$80 to U.S Department of State
$35 to Renville County Recorder
Card - 16 and older
$30 to U.S Department of State
$35 to Renville County Recorder
Card - Under 16
$15 to U.S Department of State
$35 to Renville County Recorder
Book and card - 16 and older
$140 to U.S Department of State
$35 to Renville County Recorder
Book and card - Under 16
$115 to U.S Department of State
$35 to Renville County Recorder

***Please note the Renville County Recorder's Office can only accept cash, check or money order for payment. We do not accept credit or debit cards.

If under 16 both, parents or legal guardians must accompany the child when applying. Both parents, or legal guardians, must sign the application for the child. If this is not possible, the single applying parent or legal guardian must show proof of sole custody or provide notarized consent of the second parent.

Expedited Applications
Passport applications can be expedited for an additional charge of $60 with a processing time of mail time there, three business days in their office, and mail time back.

Express Mailing
Passport applications can be express mailed with the additional fees of $60 for expedition and $16.48 for express shipping. The processing time will be second-day mail time there, three business days in their office, and second-day return mail time. Expedited service can take two to three weeks for total processing time.


As of March 1, 2016 the North Dakota Secretary of State's office launched its new Central Indexing System (CIS). On that date, state law required all central indexing filings and search requests be completed online. Paper filings and search requests will no longer be accepted by the state or county filing offices. The filer will be able to file documents and perform searches online in the CIS at More information regarding the CIS is available at


The testator or the testator’s agent may deposit a will with a Recorder for safekeeping. There is a $10 filing fee. The will must be sealed and kept confidential. During the testator’s lifetime, a deposited will must be delivered only to the testator or to a person authorized in a writing signed by the testator to receive the will. A conservator may be allowed to examine a deposited will of a protected testator under procedures designed to maintain the confidential character of the document to the extent possible, and to ensure that it will be resealed and kept on deposit after the examination. Upon being informed of the testator's death, the recorder shall notify any person designated to receive the will and deliver it to that person on request; or the Recorder may deliver the will to the appropriate court. For more information on safekeeping of wills see NDCC 30.1-11.1.


North Dakota Recorders Information Network (NDRIN) - A group of North Dakota counties have joined together to extend the application of the 1999 disaster-proofing FEMA grant and provide access to real estate records via the Internet. These records have previously been available only through books and microfilm in the Recorder's Offices in the county courthouses. The service allows users to log onto the web-site to search, view and print records, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the counties publishing data to the network. Potential customers interested in subscribing to NDRIN can do so online at

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