Renville County is home to 2,610 people and is located in Western North Dakota along the Canadian Border. The county was founded in 1910 by the North Dakota Supreme Court. Governor Burke appointed the first three commissioners to govern the County in 1910. The commissioners were from Mohall, Sherwood, and Glenburn. They appointed seven officials to conduct the day-to-day business of the county.

In November of 1910, an election was held for the location of the county seat. Mohall won the election with 649 votes, Sherwood received 424 votes. Other towns on the ballot were Greene, McKinney, and Tolley. The first election held for the electorate to choose the county officials was held in 1912.

The first courthouse was about one block west and half a block south of the present courthouse. The present courthouse was built in 1937 for approximately $118,000.00. The current value of the courthouse is estimated at $1.2 million. Today, we have six cities and twenty-four townships located in Renville County.

Agriculture is the major role player in the local economy. The oil industry also plays a substantial role in the economy; with Renville County being the 7th largest oil producing county in North Dakota.

The electorate chose three County Commissioners to head the County Government. The Auditor, Treasurer, Clerk of Courts, Sheriff, and States Attorney are also elected. The Commissioners appoint the Tax Director, Disaster Emergency Director, Coroner, County Extension Agent, Social Service Director, Park Board, Road Supervisor, 9-1-1 Coordinator, Water Resource Board, and the Veteran Service Officer. The County Commission is also responsible for the appointments to several other boards and committees.

The county hosts many tourist activities throughout the year.