Renville County is governed by a three-person Board of County Commissioners each representing a geographical district. County Commissioners are elected to four-year terms and each commissioner must be a resident of the county. The board of county commissioners shall meet and hold regular public meetings for the transaction of business. The board of county commissioners:

  1. Shall superintend the fiscal affairs of the county.
  2. Shall supervise the conduct of the respective county officers.
  3. May cause to be audited and verified the accounts of all officers having the custody, management, collection, or disbursement of any moneys belonging to the county or received in their official capacity.

  • Andy Gates – District 1
  • Robert Marmon - District 2
  • Jamee Hansen – District 3

County Commission Regular Meetings: First Tuesday of the Month at 9:00AM (third Tuesday of the month if needed) at the Renville County Courthouse. Meetings are open to the public. If anyone would like to meet with the Commissioners about a particular issue, please call the Auditor's Office at 701-756-6301. In the event that a regular scheduled meeting is changed, meeting dates and times are published in the Renville County Farmer.